About: Studio

Metal is my medium because of the vast possibilities of form and function. The dependability, durability and beauty of a well crafted object made from metal imparts each creation, no matter the scope or intent with thousands of years of historic significance . Metal can defy expectations, evolving through blacksmithing, welding or fabrication from cold static bars and sheets to shapes that capture the warmth and delicacy of nature. My aim is to create works that bring to life all of the properties and characteristics of metal that continually fascinate and engage me.

Crafted with a strong emphasis on art, formal design and architectural sophistication, my metal craftsmanship is inspired by the age-old craft of blacksmithing and reflects the cooperation of both hands–on finesse and machined precision. I emphasize detail and unique finish work, which showcase a metals’ depth and beauty. My approach in both my sculpture and furniture, including architectural collaborations is to treat each and every project as a work of art. Texture, color and beauty are the emblems of my craftsmanship.

Working with a team of fine craftsmen, James DeMartis Metal Studio welcomes diverse projects that are varied in their scope and intent. Whether working in the realm of traditional blacksmithing or contemporary welding and fabrication, the focus is always on artistry and craftsmanship; with attention to detail at the heart of the work.


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